Chameleon International

Authors Note:

It took many months of wrestling to post this here.  It is a bloody tale- one that involves children.

I think a reader, should he make it all the way through this story, may ask himself “What the hell is wrong with this author?”

So before continuing please know that this story is simply my way of raising awareness.  Right now tens of thousands of children, of ages ranging from 8-18 are currently being pitted against each other in death matches.  Those that are willing to rape, murder and torture the other children are allowed to live- those that cannot harm are used as practice victims.

This is happening right now, in Africa.  Zimbabwe to be clear.

Initially this was to be written as a comic book, translated into the Shona language and dropped all over Zimbabwe as a message of hope to an afflicted country.  It was too expensive however and the illustrator flaked on me.

So meanwhile I hope this piece of fiction will lead you to your own investigations as to the truth of the matter in Africa.  Furthermore should this story get to the youth in Africa, or any youth for that matter, to you I say I hope that you will stay strong and when the world comes out of this terrible violence that you can stand tall and like Michael, continue your life to serve for peace and harmony.

And to youth and elders alike- be strong, that you may defeat the evil when it comes to corrupt you.


Michael lived in the shadows. Even walking in public the dark brim of his hat would suck the light clear away from his face. Encountering him at night the only thing you could perceive is the roar of his Colt 1911.

He got a call one night, as he occasionally did, while working at the office at Chameleon International. A young scion of the Ortega Family had decided to take a side trip in Africa and as always had gotten himself into considerable trouble. Michael was to deliver the boy from Angola to the US embassy in South Africa. And that meant travelling through Zimbabwe.

He touched down several hours later. He found the boy and packed him up and made for the Zimbabwe border. And of course that is where the trouble started.

Michael spent the bulk of his childhood in the Phillipines. His parents were murdered in a midnight raid by the local banditos. He was brought back to camp as a toy but as any young boy he quickly earned the ‘affections’ of a respected elder. From then on he was raised in violence. He had never forgotten his parents though. At 15 he left the camp in flames and without a soul remaining on the only earth he knew.

So now back in Africa it is needless to say when he was attacked at the border by a pack of 12 year olds in the presidents employ he was able to apply mercy. Of the 9 that attacked he let two live. The other 7 he left in the flames of their burning truck, one headless and the others riddled with holes.

Within a week the two children, a boy and a girl, had learned to respect the man. He taught them self defense and how to fight with honor. They began to understand true power and independence from government and authority. Within a year there was no single man in the presidents regime that could bring harm on these two.

Michael never returned to his office at Chameleon International. He never returned to the USA. Today we hear rumours that he is in China helping to soften the agony of the revolution there. Others say he is still in Zimbabwe working from the shadowy balconies and whispering in the ears of the powerful. Most think he is dead.

There are a few things we know still from that day that he sent Maria and Caleb into the dirty cities of that cancerous country. But can we say what it is he was doing at that time? Today there are thousands of Marias and thousands of Calebs working all around the world, silently slitting the throats of evil men and liberating the hapless victims of an unfortunate childhood. Was this the doing of Caleb? Was this the doing of Maria? Or perhaps the banditos who brought such a violent life to an innocent child. Or the parents he barely remembered as he blazed his corpse lined trail through life?

The day he left his students with their newly purchased pickup truck he told them to return to the youth brigade and to stand tall. Michael disappeared into the bush. Caleb and Maria went to war. Every camp they visited they were recognized. First they found the smaller groups. The most violent children were quickly and artfully murdered. Those that could still recognize salvation were taught to defend themselves from their countrymen. Strength and independence, just as Michael had prescribed. Slowly the youth brigade shrank and the ranks of the Movement of Independent Children grew. The president would send out raiding parties only to find that the children he hoped to reap were stronger than his own. Soon his army of children was depleted and he was unable to retain control. His formal army deserted him in favor of the opposition and eventually he was assassinated, having no means to hire a defense.

When the new democratic party took power the great question was addressed. What can the country do with tens of thousands of homeless war criminal children predisposed to nothing but violence? Were they to dig a mass grave and simply return them to the land? Put up huge jails and feed them until they killed themselves off? They could not be left aimless, everyone knew that.

Well with Michaels last recorded public appearance the question was moot. When he disappeared again the children disappeared with him.

Here then, is their story:


2 thoughts on “Chameleon International

  1. Really? It really is excellent to witness anyone finally begin addressing this stuff, however I’m still not really certain how much I agree with you on it all. I subscribed to your rss feed though and will certainly keep following your writing and possibly down the road I may chime in once again in much more detail. Cheers for blogging though!


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