Welcome to the S/V Mountain Index WordPress Blog.

Well these pages certainly have evolved.

Historically I have been a big fan of writing business plans.  Pro forma, Prospectii, Reports.

Recently I was inspired by Poet and Prosery Kelley Rose (kelleyrose.wordpress.com – This is some really beautiful work, it catches me by surprise every time ) to start writing gardening articles as a sort of advertisement for my company.

Then I started writing a captains blog for what is my boat and my home.

Then I started writing fiction.  Then ghost stories?  Then poetry??  What the heck???  (thank you Kellie Elmore magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com – You are an inspiration and not only in your workshops.  Just reading your pages makes me want to better myself)

So now I have this confused jumble of random writing.  I hope it is organized enough that you can find something to enjoy.

As for my person, I am exploring life, generally in the direction of the ocean, underground and up in the mountains.  Wherever I can find the most punishing environment really, short of burning in an active caldera.

Meanwhile, thank you for stopping in.  I do appreciate the attention.  I also hope that you will be willing to leave a comment, good or bad.  I have a thick skin so tell me if I need editing.  I always seek to improve myself in whatever I am doing.

Have a beautiful day!


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